How are you enjoying your Olympia, Ms. Kohli?

Points in common between an espresso machine and a Harley Davidson: Interview with manager Therese Kohli.

What do you pay attention to when meeting people for the first time?
Their charisma, their aura and their hands. 

And when it comes to technical things?
Robustness, simplicity and whether they are mechanical. 

An unmistakable sign of quality?
Workmanship and presentation.

Something you are reluctant to hand over to others?
The ignition key to my Harley Davidson.

What does an Olympia and a Harley Davidson have in common?
They are a cult and legendary. 

Who do you dream of drinking an espresso with?
Clint Eastwood.

The man has style.

Your favourite coffee?
La Seumeuse, Don Marco.

Your favourite method of preparation?

Your favourite place to drink coffee?
In summer on the palm terrace, in winter in front of the fireplace.

Altishofen /
Lucerne /


Name: Therese Kohli

Age: 43

Lives in: Altishofen / Lucerne / Switzerland

Profession: Office & HRM Manager

Calling: Live life

Espresso machine: red Olympia Maximatic

Purchased on: 24 July 2010

Where: Center for coffee machines Kaffeemaschinencenter Stalder,
Lucerne / Switzerland

Why: Because it is the best