For a maximum espresso taste.

The Maximatic is the perfect semi-automatic espresso machine for those who are looking for a little more luxury.

  • Dual-circuit espresso machine
  • Most compact machine of its class worldwide

Born in 1974

The Maximatic is the perfect partner for all those who are looking for a little more luxury. The electric, semi-automatic espresso machine with vibration isolated pump is so handy and small that it almost fits on an A4-sized piece of paper. This has been made possible thanks to the individual production of all components, ranging from the vibration isolated pump to the boiler and thus making the Maximatic the smallest espresso machine with a dual circuit heating system in the world. It is so straightforward and easy to handle that it can be used at home as well as in offices, studios, doctors’ surgeries and galleries.

Since 1974, the Maximatic has followed the tradition of a classic commercial machine, and can more than match its role model from the catering trade. Here, too, its owner experiences the maximum espresso taste, day by day!


«When it comes to manufacturing espresso machines, the Swiss are the better Italians.»

— Journal “Weltwoche”

No seasonal product. No expiry date.

The Maximatic embodies the philosophy of Olympia Express in every detail. Each and every one of our machines is built with the expertise and the experience of more than 85 years of manufacturing espresso machines. This is why the Maximatic is so compact, so reliable, and why its noise level is so low. Simply Swiss made.

The Maximatic has two water tanks: a fresh water tank and a boiler. The fresh water tank holds 2.64 pints and can be refilled while operating. the water is lead from this tank through the boiler. During the process, it is heated to 212°F, so that when it reaches the brew group, it has a temperature of 198°F – the ideal brewing temperature for espresso. The boiler (capacity 1.32 pints) also produces the steam for frothing the milk. The fresh water tank and boiler are made from high quality chrome steel guaranteed not to affect the taste.

Tank cover at the back
Tank cover at the back

The front is made of high gloss polished steel. Frame and casing are lacquered with a highly resistant powder coating. The Maximatic’s surface can be used to pre heat the espresso cups; the drip tray and the grate can be easily removed and cleaned. Not to mention the illuminated extraction button with the Express Olympia-logo, the water gauge, the extra long steam wand, the thermal protection of the heating element, the mechanic safety valve for the, boiler the high tech gaskets etc., etc., etc. This exceptional manufacturing quality can only be reached, because it remains the engineers’ and designers’ prime goal to build the perfect espresso machine.

Latte Art with the Maximatic
Latte Art with the Maximatic

Technical Specifications Maximatic

Width 7.68 in
Depth 13.39 in
Height 14.57 in
Weight 36.38 lb

Current supply 230-240 V / 50 Hz¹
Cable length 5.25 ft
Power input 1000 Watt
Energy label (PDF)

¹ Also available with 120 V / 60 Hz / 1000 W

Available colours


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