How are you enjoying your Olympia, Dr. Fischer?

About the moment when he is all alone and what this has to do with his espresso machine. Interview with dentist Rolf Fischer.

A moment when you are all by yourself?
When I read and drink coffee.

An unmistakable sign of quality?
Beautiful, stable froth, long aftertaste.

The best method of stilling people's fear of the doctor?
Have patients greeted by the pleasant smell of coffee when stepping into the dental practice. That signalises: "Dentists are human, too!"

Who do you dream of drinking an espresso with?
With my guardian angel.

To say thank you.

What do you dream of learning?
How to deal with fat-rich wild coffee brands; how to quickly adjust to different coffee brands and different roastings.

Your first thought when you saw your new Olympia standing in front of you?
A truly well made design, a daily joy for an aesthete.

Where does your considerable collection of newspaper articles about the Olympias of past decades lie?
Reduit, library.

Your favourite coffee?
Kaffa Wildkaffee Espresso, Irlanda Caffè Espresso (Demeter).

Your favourite method of preparation?
Espresso, double Espresso.

Your favourite place to drink coffee?
In the living room.

Brügg /
Biel /


Maximatic I

Maximatic II

Name: Rolf Fischer

Age: 69½

Lives in: Brügg / Biel / Switzerland

Profession: Dentist

Calling: Dentist and gourmet

Espresso machine No 1: Olympia Cremina

Purchased on: around 1972, at the store “Praktikus AG”, in Küsnacht / Switzerland

Espresso machine No 2: Olympia Maximatic I

Purchased on: around 2000 from Olympia in Morbio Inferiore

Espresso machine No 3: Olympia Maximatic II

Purchased on: 18 May 2010 from Olympia in Mendrisio / Switzerland

Why: In order to obtain a good, aromatic espresso and be free to choose any coffee

Custom made design: the colour – the machine was to match the Olympia coffee grinder