How are you enjoying your Olympia, Mr. Lux?

Philipp Lux

How a sensual experience might start, even before the espresso is created: A conversation with Philip Lux.

How did you come to find your Olympia machine?
I fell in love with a picture and description in the “Manufactum” catalogue. However, because of the substantial price, it took me long to convince my wife that it was necessary to buy one. The breakthrough happened when she came back traumatised from drinking filter coffee at our local parish celebration. She was desperate for an espresso made with our stovetop coffee maker, so I promised that I would regularly make good coffee for the parish celebration if we bought the Maximatic. Our machine is now enjoyed by a wide range of customers.

And why did it have to be an Olympia?
I love my Maximatic because of its uncompromisingly high quality of craftsmanship, promising a long future together. Nowadays, everything is becoming cheaper and you accept almost without complaint that products will break just after the warranty expires, not to mention the fact that many things are produced in Asia under inhumane conditions only, to be replaced after a short period of usage and become rubbish. The Olympia stands for the idea of making a product so well that it will grow old with its owner.

Instead of choosing a new appliance every few years, you get to know and master your machine, even occasionally discovering new aspects. This philosophy rewards you with countless joyful moments, for example when you take delight in the weight of the sturdy portafilter in your hand, the solid sound of it latching into the machine, the sharp hiss of the steam pipe, the almost chunky screw cap of the boiler. You feel pleased that you bought this machine and still have so much time with it ahead of you.

Is there anything comparable?
My Leica M. In the same way that taking photographs with the Leica is a very special, haptic experience, using the Maximatic produces a delightfully sensual experience even before you drink your espresso.



Name: Philipp Lux

Age: I deny any social network, so I will not make this my facebook profile   
Espresso-Maschine: Olympia Express Maximatic, red