No compromises.
Since 1928.

Olympia Express – Finest Swiss made hand crafted Espresso machines. With a tradition stretching back over 85 years, this small but highly respected manufacturer is a true pioneer.

«When it comes to manufacturing espresso machines, the Swiss are the better Italians.»

— Journal “Weltwoche”


Vom 21.12.2019 bis einschliesslich 6.1.2019 bleiben unsere Produktion und das Büro geschlossen.
Wir wünschen Ihnen besinnliche Weihnachtstage und einen guten Rutsch und alles Gute für 2020.

What others say about us

The New York Times

«The best espresso machine in the world – highly recommended.»


«Cutting-edge technology blends with hand-built ideals in pursuit of the perfect espresso.»


«The Rolls Royce among the one-armed coffee bandits … simple, powerful engineering and clear outlines. Everything is of the best, highest quality.»


«Perfection of the craft. For eighty years, Olympia is manufacturing the Rolex among the espresso machine.»