How are you enjoying your Olympia, Mr. Siegrist?


The perfect place to savor a “Ristretto”: Interview with the classic car addict Rudolf Siegrist.

What question does a good teacher use to start his lesson with his students? 
Who hasn’t had an espresso yet this morning?

How would you answer this question yourself?
Two cups of good espresso in the morning are the key to good living.

Which wonderful classic car would you compare your Olympia to and why?
Although I’m a fan of Riley, Jaguar and Healey, I am invariably drawn to Italy and would have to say a Lamborghini Miura. As a young boy, I remember pedalling home from school when a bright green Miura suddenly appeared out of nowhere and raced past me at high speed. I went weak at the knees!

An unmistakable sign of quality?
Quality still looks good even after a long time; it is something that is crafted. Quality is when the customer goes back, not the product.

What wouldn’t you want to let out of your hands?
My wife’s espresso cups.

A good barista should be able to do what in his sleep?
Swiftly fit an espresso piston while half asleep.

If you could choose one person to drink an espresso with, who would it be?
Ratan Tata, the chairman of Jaguar. 

I would congratulate him on giving Ian Callum’s design team the freedom to develop the aesthetics of the Jaguar E-Type and bring it into the modern age in the form of the new F-Type. It’s as inspiring as the taste of an OLYMPIA ristretto!

Your first thought when you saw your new Olympia?
I will take it to the grave with me – no experiments there thank you very much!

Your favourite coffee?
“Moka Efti”.

Your favourite way of making coffee?

Your favourite place to drink coffee?
A leather seat in a vintage British car.

Lenzburg /
Aargau /


Name: Rudolf Siegrist

Age: 59

Lives in: Lenzburg / Aargau / SWITZERLAND

Profession: Vocational training teacher, principal of the vocational school BBB, 2,400 vocational students per week

Calling: Automobil, Musik und Ästhetik

Espresso machine: Olympia Maximatic, red with an Olympia Moca, red (just like a car, you need more than just a front axle!)

Purchased on: 24 October 2012

Where: Directly from Olympia’s managing director, Christian Sagehorn

Why: The result of a unique espresso experience at the Olympia bar; it was the prologue of the famous “Klausen-Rennen” classic car race in Glarus on a rainy Saturday morning.