How are you enjoying your Olympia, Mr. Russo?

Company bosses who take care of the smallest of details: interview with communication manager Antonio Russo

Why do books have a bright future?
Because many others might feel the same as me: At some point you have had enough of clicking, scrolling and swiping and to focus the eye constantly on an illuminated screen. Just as you can have had enough of coffee capsule.

An unmistakable sign of quality?
Material durability. And: when the boss of the company takes the teething problems of my machine seriously and does everything in his power to fix them. That is service quality. Thank you, Mr. Sagehorn!

Something you are reluctant to hand over to others?
The kitchen spoon.

Something a good barista should be able to do blindfolded?
Know the drinking habits of his regulars and serve everyone the right coffee without being asked.

Who do you dream of drinking an espresso with?
With Luca Turin, the perfume critic.

Because he would give a musical description of the coffee aromas he is inhaling.

Your first thought when you saw your new Olympia standing in front of you?

Your favourite coffee?
An Arabica-Robusta blend made by “La Semeuse”.

Your favourite method of preparation?
Cappuccino in the morning, later on espresso.

Your favourite place to drink coffee?
Apart from my house? Any bar in Naples, Italy!

Lucerne /


Name: Antonio Russo

Age: 48

Lives in: Lucerne / Switzerland

Profession: Communication Manager

Calling: There are several voices inside of me that keep on calling out. But which one to listen to ... ?

Espresso machine: red Olympia Maximatic

Purchased on: In January 2013

Where: Coffee machine center Kaffeemaschinencenter Stalder, Lucerne / Switzerland

Why: Because I drank an espresso from an Olympia years ago and never forgot it.