What can I do if no steam comes out of the steam nozzle?

Perhaps the nozzle is blocked with milk residue. Unscrew the nozzle so it can be cleaned. The nozzle should be cleaned every time after frothing by letting steam pass through it and thus cleaning it from milk residue. We suggest cleaning the holes of very dirty nozzles with a needle or a similarly pointed object. If cleaning the nozzle does not solve the problem, the machine might not have enough steam. In this case, the manometer will indicate at a maximum 1 bar (0.5 bar for the Cremina). Make sure the machine is heating and the green light on the main switch is illuminated. If there is no water in the boiler and as a result the machine is too hot, the thermostatic safeguard is active.

If the green light is not illuminated even though the power plug is plugged into the power socket, please contact customer services to arrange for your machine to be checked. Our customer service partner will then reset the safety protection for your machine.

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