What can I do if no coffee comes out of the brew group / the portafilter?

Please make sure the water tank is full. Perhaps air needs to be released from the water tank (see glossary).

Check the grind coarseness as the coffee powder might be ground too finely.

The ideal grind coarseness is attained if the extraction time for 0.85 to 1.01 oz. espresso is between 18 and 25 seconds.

Check the amount of coffee in the portafilter and make sure there is not too much coffee powder in the portafilter. Ideally, the portafilter basket should not be filled with more than 0.32 or 0.56 oz of espresso powder.

Furthermore, it is important clean the machine by regularly backflushing and flushing it (see glossary).

Caution! Wait until the pressure is released – the lever should be in the lower position – before removing the portafilter.

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