All Good Conversations Begin with an Espresso

The “Edizione Speciale” for the 50th birthday of the “best espresso machine in the world” (New York Times)

Happy Birthday, Cremina!

Olympia Express’ Cremina, the unique lever espresso machine, is celebrating its birthday! Developed in 1967, it is built to last – a manufacture makes no compromises, after all, when it comes to material and craftsmanship. Cremina is compact, durable and can always be repaired. Its interior is made from high-quality materials: rust-free steel, chrome and brass. Espresso machine purists will love its classic design. The easily controllable extraction process guarantees top espresso enjoyment throughout a Cremina owner’s experience, just the same as back then, and all over the world. An espresso from a Cremina is always an opportunity for a wonderful encounter – and it still will be 50 years from now.


“Olympia Cremina 67”, 1967
“Olympia Cremina 67”, 1967

Our Anniversary Dates

26 August 2017, 10.00–17.00, 50 years of Cremina at Sibler in Zurich

9 September 2017, 50 years of Cremina at Cerini Coffee & Gifts in New York – more information

6 October 2017, 16.00–21.00, Apéro to 50 years of Cremina at Espresso-Prego in Hamburg

10 November 2017, 16.00–21.00, Birthday Apéro at the Slow Food Market in Zurich (Messe Zürich, Halle 1, Stand 220)

further dates 2017

Olympia company vehicles, 1950s
Olympia company vehicles, 1950s

“The Rolls Royce among the one-armed coffee bandits is reminiscent of the design and the material of a spartan Harley-Davidson: simple, powerful engineering and clear outlines. Everything is of the best, highest quality—stainless steel, brass, chrome.”

— “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, 2003

Our homage to the original: Edizione Speciale

To celebrate its jubilee, we have reproduced an edizione speciale Cremina in its original colours. The elegant colour marrone – Italian for chestnut brown – came to light based on material samples of the 1967 machine, still used and loved today. This design gently renders its grace into the present day. The “Edizione Speciale” brings together the best of Olympia Express: perfection, craftsmanship and elegant design in the spirit of the original.

Each machine from our limited edition run has a plaque on the reverse side saying “Edizione Speciale”.


Back of the machine showcasing the “Edizione Speciale” plaque
Back of the machine showcasing the “Edizione Speciale” plaque
Cremina «Edizione Speciale»

Technical Specifications Cremina

Width 7.87 in
Depth 10.63 in
Height 12.99 in
Weight 24 lb.

Current supply 120 V / 60 Hz¹
Cable length 5.25 ft.
Power input 1000 Watt

¹ Also available with 230–240 V / 50 Hz / 1000 W

Order the Cremina “Edizione Speciale” at one of our retailers in your area.