New in 2014: Moca – the perfect grinder.

The perfect espresso needs a grinder that produces excellent espresso powder.

We are therefore extremely pleased this year to be able to present to you the Moca – our Olympia Express grinder which we have completely redesigned in terms of the way it works, its design and the grinding burrs.

The new Moca is reliable and precise, grinding fresh coffee directly into the portafilter without heating up the beans. With its professional, handcrafted grinding burrs made from premium materials, it is the ideal companion to the Cremina and Maximatic espresso machines. It’s quite simply the perfect grinder!

Visit us and the new addition to the family! On 22 February and 8 March 2014, we present you in our showroom at the Burg Strasse 26 in Glarus the new Moca with our Cremina and Maximatic. Each day from 10 to 16 hours you will have the opportunity to grind with the new Moca and prepare the perfect espresso. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know our Olympia Express products personally.

We are looking forward to see you – just please write us an email or just give us a call at +41 91 6461555

Discover the all-new Olympia Express Moca!