Accessories for the perfect coffee corner

The small footprint not only extends to our espresso machines and grinders, but also to the accessories.

So that your coffee corner offers everything you need, we have a small selection of our extensive accessories here.

Shot Mirror Mini - The extraction always in view

Shot Mirror Mini, Schwarz

Probably the smallest design highlight from our accessories, the Shot Mirror Mini.

Made of aluminum and stainless steel, it allows you to look under the portafilter to observe the extraction. Together with the bottomless portafilter, you have an absolute spectacle with every cup.

The two halves, which can be easily rotated to adjust the angle, hold together with two strong magnets. A rubber ring on the bottom ensures a stable stance on the drip tray.

Puck Prep Tool - All in One

Dosing funnel - leveler - tamper

All in one.

The Puck Prep Tool simplifies the espresso preparation process in a whole new way.

Put on the funnel, grind into the portafilter, put on the tamper and turn to level and then press - the perfectly straight puck is ready.

Grounds drawer - saves space

Our goal was to be able to knock out the used coffee grounds without using too much space and we implemented it beautifully, of course always with the principle of keeping the whole thing as practical as possible.


Here too, stainless steel is the main component, the knocking rod is made of robust POM. What does this mean for you? A dishwasher-safe grounds drawer.

Bottomless portafilter - For a better understanding of the extraction

As you often see on social media, the bottomless portafilters are a real feast for the eyes.

However, this is only one point that speaks in favor of this accessory. Another is that you can determine from the way the coffee flows out of the filter basket what was done wrong or right when preparing the coffee puck.

If the stream doesn't focus, you have an uneven extraction, if it goes to the side it's tamped crooked and when it finally focuses in the middle, everything is perfect.

Milk jug - for the perfect cappuccino

What no home barista should be without are of course our milk jugs.

Elegant, heavy and durable. Thanks to its classic shape, latte art can be created in no time.

The best complement to the perfect espresso.

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