How are you enjoying your Olympia, Mr. Hitzler?

About the joy of waiting for the perfect espresso machine – if necessary even for years. A conversation with Family Hitzler.

Your passions?
We are a very active family. We do a lot of sports in our spare time, for example cycling, hiking and ski tours, but we also enjoy more relaxing things like sailing or gathering mushrooms.

A weekend on the sofa?
Rarely. Maybe this will come later.

Favourite travel destinations?
The sea! The Maldives, Bali, Sulawesi ...

What about closer to home?
Of course. We enjoy summer holidays in Sardinia and try to spend as much time as possible in the Engadin region, our second home.

Does travel educate?
Undoubtedly. We try to bring Europe closer to our children by taking them on cultural and gourmet trips to Barcelona, Rome, the Amalfi coast, Piedmont, Tuscany and Maremma.

And Italy?
Very important! We love the coffee, the food and the family-friendly attitude of the Italians.

Why did it have to be an Olympia?
We first read about Olympia machines in a newspaper in 2002. We both immediately decided to save up until we were able to afford this ultimate machine.

What did you have to sacrifice to do this?
A new Vespa.

When did the day finally come?
In 2009 we decided to buy the Olympia. I was not only impressed by the reduced design and premium materials, but also by the personal level of contact, the shared passion for building something that will last.

Is this attitude restricted to espresso machines?
No! We apply this basic attitude to a lot of everyday objects, from garlic presses to cameras. We firmly believe that we benefit far more from sustainable products and by conserving resources.

Did you leave it at just one Olympia?
No. Since 2014 we have also owned a restored Cremina 1975 from the “Valle Onsernone” in Ticino, also in red. It was a vintage gem found by Ricardo.

Every machine has its own grinder.

Your favourite coffee?
Having completed the Barista course in Glarus, we are now testing our way through the whole
“Spielhofkaffee” product range.

Your favourite time to drink coffee?
Every espresso or cappuccino is a special moment for taking time out, for both of us often around midday. That’s when we discuss things, make plans and look forward to our espresso – e basta.

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Name: Tamara and Michael Hitzler

Age: 42 / 43

Kids: Ben (15), Louis (13) and Ella (11)

Live in: 6340 Baar, SWITZERLAND

Profession: Tamara Hitzler is a member of the Music School Board in Baar, housewife and oversees the office of her husband’s group practice. Michael Hitzler is a specialist in Paediatrics in group practice and is doing a specialization for Kids pulmonologists at the Children’s Hospital Zurich

Espresso-Maschine:  Olympia Maximatic, red

Gekauft am: 14.04.2009

Where: At the Olympia Manufacture in Mendrisio